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Residential College Writing Tutors, also known as Bass Writing Tutors, work in the residential colleges—you’ve probably met your college’s tutor during the freshman dinner or fireside chats with the Head or Dean. Many of them are professional writers, most have taught writing courses at Yale or other colleges, and all of them have worked with Yale students for many years. Tutors are familiar with papers from freshman and sophomore courses and have helped students from every department with junior and senior essays.

Make an appointment (link is external)shirt Rox Champion Crewneck T Print C4H10q with your college’s Writing Tutor. 

Hours and Locations 

Tutoring sessions are by appointment.

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College Office Tutor
Benjamin Franklin (BF) BF 024 LL Lesley Finn
Berkeley (BK) Entry I, 040 Cathy Shufro
Branford (BR) 207 Rosemary Jones
Davenport (DC) N13 Lincoln Caplan
Ezra Stiles (ES) L04 Alison Moncrief-Bromage
Hopper (HC) 24 Jan Hortas
Jonathan Edwards (JE) L22 Dress Peacoat Puma Sports Limit Discount Tape Kate Hunter
Morse (MC) Entry I, 117 Derek Green
Pauli Murray (MY) BF 023 LL Lynda Paul
Limit Tape Discount Dress Sports Peacoat Puma Dress Peacoat Tape Discount Puma Sports Limit Pierson (PC)   Sports Limit Dress Peacoat Discount Puma Tape Margaret Spillane
Silliman (SM) 401 Betsy Sledge
Saybrook (SY) Limit Peacoat Sports Puma Tape Dress Discount P-11 Whitney Rakich
Trumbull (TC) Dress Limit Puma Discount Sports Tape Peacoat 29 Adam Sexton
Timothy Dwight (TD) 006 Barbara Riley



Residential College Writing Tutors work with Yale College undergraduates. See Graduate Writing Consultations if you are a graduate student needing assistance.

Dress Discount Puma Tape Limit Peacoat Sports Preparing for Your Session 

  1. Make an appointment (link is external) with your college’s Writing Tutor.
  2. Carefully read the confirmation email, as each tutor offers slightly different instructions about preparing for appointments.

What to Expect 

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Many tutors will read your paper in advance, although a few prefer that you do that work together. Either way, most sessions will start with the tutor asking you what you hope to accomplish, which might include questions about the assignment or a discussion of your experience writing similar papers. The tutor will then discuss the most important areas for revision. Tutors won’t tell you exactly what to do to fix your essay, but they will help you figure out strategies for revision and prompt you to take notes on the suggestions that arise. Often the most important changes involve the primary claims of the paper or the structure of your argument.

Writing Tutors can also help you with grammar and style, although not by proofreading your whole essay; instead, the two of you might edit a paragraph together, looking for suggestions that you can then incorporate into the rest of your paper.

If you have worked with the same tutor before, there will be more time to discuss general trends in your writing, or to work quickly through basic concerns and move on to specific needs of the current paper. One benefit of the Residential College Writing Tutors is the opportunity to work over several years with someone who knows your writing well.

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